"what is straight? a line or a street may be straight, but the human heart is curved like the path through a mountain."

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PS. If you still want to be part of the group, you should message us so we know to reserve your character.

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In regards of ~legit action: a couple of people have contacted me about returning to the group and making a new account, which I would have help running.



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It looks like we’re not completely dead, especially since I might be getting help running the main in light of my complete non-motivation.

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Guys, I know I promised a revamp,

but to be quite honest — I don’t really see the point any more. The majority of our members have quit or vanished and the other admins have all left, too. I don’t have the motivation to do this by myself right now, or even to answer the dumb hatemail in our inbox.

I’m really, really sorry, but I can’t promise that the revamp is still going to happen. The RPG has not closed, though. You’re all still free to play your characters.

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Anonymous said:

Could you create a female role where the character is a tomboy and bisexual. Student. I would love to join, but I couldn't play any of the roles you currently have because well, I'm a tomboy and I wouldn't know how to play a girly girl right.

We have this one.

Other than that, you’ll have to wait until the ‘revamp’, because I’m going to make a bunch of new bios and I currently only have four, so I’ll be sure to make a character like that.

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Corey Edwards, accepted.

Please send us your account as soon as possible. :)

OOC Name: Dani

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Anonymous said:

are we allowed to apply?

Of course! The character selection is just a little limited right now, and it’s not all that active yet.

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Anonymous said:

I miss this roleplay. :)

Me too, anon, me too. ):

Hopefully people will become interested again once I start posting new bios, eh? I just need to pick a date for that to happen. We only have a couple of members who still come around on a daily basis… I miss everyone.

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Slowly working on new bios while I redo our taken ones…

Here are the FCs I’ve completed so far:

It’s going pretty well so far. Anyone who wants to come and keep me company in the ask should come do so.

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